by Eugene Passofaro -
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The People at one Time thought the Joke was About Spiritual Teachers who Didn't Tell the Truth and were frauds and Jokes...and The Governments Took Away your Teachers, and they became Friends of everyone. That was the last Government before the new one came (everywhere East and West). This Almighty GO-V wanted to make Fools of those who said you could be healed by Healing with your Mind, and then Feeling the Minds in Animals and Plants could be felt and to speak about which herb and fruit healed something in all sick creatures, like birds hear and know, and all creatures find a way to heal without DOCTORS ....and They All Shouted Answers! But no one listened ....and when no one could listen anymore, the Animals got sick hearted and began to die off. The monkey, the orangutan, the whale, the turtle, the elephant, they all went to their ancestral homes to die. The last was the cactus to speak and the Aloe and Dragon Fruit. And so Just the crashing of Waves in the Seas, Knowledge Crashed as Visible Thoughts tossing and Turning. Then the Politician Created One Last thing to Cheer and Claim for Everyone....that He Could Heal You....and Mother Nature was a Joke, she never was, or, she hated YOU, and tormented you with disease and death, and they Made war on A virus - a virus they had a hand in creating, and in a clever way to flaunt Her laws, and Her rules.....she was portrayed as The Joke! The scientists danced upon her children's graves and stood over everyone with white robes and needles ready to spray everyone! And everyone asked: do the new Leaders hate everyone? It looks so! ....Why? Is no one good anymore? Thee answer came "you are all sick, and will infect each other!" But it was a lie. And the dying world? Who could save her nature? It was the same order, the same mother nature as always, the same seas crashing on the shores, but some were trying to LISTEN. And some Politicians felt sad, as they saw the change in everyone. They loved their Mother Nature and Believed in Her Power to heal and Being Happiness to the Earth, and they saw the Joke was now on them. These were the Honest Men.

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