The Hall of Research

The Hall of Research

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Dear Friends,

  I have opened up the Hall of Research for private study! That means anyone can enroll in it separately from having to take a course.  That way a person can do research of the study materials of our school research library. It has become a beautiful diary mapping the trail of my 30 years of lecturing.  It is full of amazing articles and links that explain many many things from our unique philosophy and spiritual understanding. The Book of Osiris research glossary contains over 2000 entrie and grows larger with each new lecture.  The Book of Osiris is the centerpiece and links to all our courses.  Anyone who enrolls can read through the 1000s of terms, people, discussions, and lecture links and research our libraries of unique study materials. 

The cost is $20/month enroll now if you haven't already.

If you have friends that would like to know about the school, that is now a very good place to start. And as a special for those who enroll in a class this will come free for one year.  At present private students have access for free (as long as your enrollments are at least one course in a year). 


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