New Lecture Courses Opened

New Lecture Courses Opened

by Eugene Passofaro -
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Lecture Series 0102 Greek Gods and Goddess II is now open. 

I began giving these lectures last year and they are amazing!  In this series are lectures on Helen of Troy, Paris, Eris, and Eros, Achilles, as some of the featured highlights.  You may wonder who these people are and what do they have to do with today?  The answer apart from what is found in the lectures are the Riddles and Questions of the ancient Greeks.  It is not by coincidence that Europe is fully steeped, even saturated with Greek elements, but in tracing these without knowledge of Karma and incarnations of the Heros, the essential questions will remain unanswered that pertain to nearly everything hidden in the darkness of the psyche of the European seeds of Civilization.   In these lectures are found the answers to such questions about Mars and Ares and Hera and the search for immortality. Anyone that is looking for answers to the deepest questions of time and culture will find these lectures to be a treasure of knowledge.  

See you in the Course! 

All my courses include access to our Global Glossary of People, Terms and Definitions.  You can spend hours researching the threads of thoughts specially written for our students and our teachings in all of our courses.  Please make an account if you're interested in learning here.

Eugene  Passofaro

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Re:Nature Spirits II

by Eugene Passofaro -
Dear Friends, The recent lectures on Nature Spirits II series for lookups 0103 given Mar - May 2020 has important information on the pandemic. The 1st lecture begins with research on Pandora. The inspirations that came forth in the lecture revealed something that was not traditionally historical in regards to the myth. The startling statement in the lecture claims Pandora is the Spirit of Nature. And so I began researching Pandora, for it sometimes happens that the spiritual researcher is confronted with two images, and one needs is in conflict with the other, and so it was in the case of Pandora. Hesiod, the one who found the myth and recorded it, called her in the 1st version of the story she is 'the Mother of Nature" , and this coincides with Genesis III wherein Eve she is depicted as the Mother of All Living. And so, as it goes, this now is for us the 'tip of the iceberg'.   There is a lot more to 'see' in all of this!  So please come along with me on this journey through the portals of nature in Nature Spirits II. If you haven't listened to Nature Spirits I, you can still take Nature Spirits II, they are very different.  And you can always do them both together too. 

I hope you will get this lecture series and engage in our student online forum. It will truly be a remarkable and treasurable experience for everyone.

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Re: New Lecture Courses Opened

by Eugene Passofaro -
Today i will be opening the Online Course Nature Spirits II. Please check back later today. There will be much new and important study material for everyone, and most especially for those who have taken Nature Spirits I these lectures will be even more penetrating in content and illustrative of the secrets of these spiritual beings of nature. 

And as an added bonus, this Easter Time I will be adding to the lectures already begun in the series.  

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