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New Gadget + Cool Technology

New Gadget + Cool Technology

by Friend Tazo -
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As some of you know I am a Flutist but also my Music is SOOO special that I am a  Featured Artist on
The link above is my Affiliate link so if you get the product I will also get support and you can Tap into and get My Music on BrainTap.

As it turns out, my music and poetry is full of special frequencies that deeply affect our Brain, and put it into a Calm Meditation,

Now you might wonder: what's good does that do for me?  Well the answer is; LOTS!  Why? Because your whole design is backwards from the ground up and you don't even realize it.  Also, the way things are going, with pulse ADs (pulsed to your eye frames so you can't see them) control you hormones when you watch a Movie that is so designed - without you even knowing it - and you are literally, subconsciously given LOW level instructions!  Thank God they only work on your Lower Drives and reflexes.  But for most people, that doesn't matter - in fact they get so used to it - you just SAY let's watch a Movie - and their hormones kick them and away they go. But the downside is that your supposed to be Transcending all of that.  How do I know? Well, it is simple, those little hormone creators are not designed for two hour long films! And once you keep them on - then you will soon enough have your inner lights on ALL THE TIME!  Well, if you try to sleep - you can't - then in the morning - after laying awake all night - you feel like sleeping - and all day - then the night comes and your awake again!!! And sooner, hopefully than later, you know something's is wrong!  

Get my point?
Well something is wrong and it used to be called 'nervousness' 'hyper-activity' 'adrenal hormone disorder' what is it called today?  Who knows......! But the answer is simple - it has always been the same since health became a Sacred Word for anyone that needs to get it back. 
Health is actually a religion - it is a religious principle in the right place - it is your path to taking charge of your body, then your life, and all your inner organs, limbs, cells, words, and expressions.  There is only one problem - what is the common link to them all?  It is your Brain my friends - yes your Brain!  Take control of your Brain and your whole world will change. No its not your heart.  While your Heart is taking short cuts, moving from sensation to sensation, your brain is Mapping it all - forwards and backwards - why? So that every movement, every step, is synced up to every feeling, twich, itch, and flow, and it knows, it keeps track of everything - so that if you want to backup - and you can - then you can manage it - and that means nothing else than the power to measure time, space, against light, warmth cold, illusions, dreams, real substances from false sensations and beyond - in fact there is no real limitation to how little or big your mind can compute, walk,  dream and imagine.   

Your Brain is unique, and it rules, it decides rest and wakefulness, orders muscles, and cells, and all the time the heart is there patching, minding, building and anticipating every new thing and every flow of light, darkness, cold or warmth. 

So what is BrainTap?
Taking all this into account - it is simply this - reorganizing your Nerves so that they are NOT stimulated by Fight or Flight nervous patterns - like an animal - a dog for example operates on that level - but a Man, every man has a choice to give in to it, or rise above it.   If you choose to rise above it - what then - ask this: HOW?
There is one old method, and BrainTap, in full recognition of this one method, which all Men that want to Retrain their Life and Consciousness - to take it under Control - that 'it' being purely speaking the 'Self' and using the method I am going to show is the Path to  'Self-Control'  is Meditation.  No Meditation - then Self Control is not there. It can't be there for the simple reason, the Self is always occupied with That and That and That!  Meditation is different - you control the content and the space. If you like to CLEAR the space and make it pure, then you do that, And guess what happens? You Brain gets it - fully gets it - and stimulates your Breath! It pushes it and makes you to Breath fresh air into your lungs and nourish your inner Flame - sounds good right!
Now, with BrainTap, and I know your wondering about it, it is a scientific powered Brain relaxation technique using sound (music and voice) which is filled with recognized BrainWave patterns that put your brain into states of total relaxation - and then it Wakes Up - having lost the need to be afraid, and arm itself, it powers the body in the other more spiritual direction, and that is the secret of it! 
My Music and Poetry on BrainTap
As it turns out, my music (as Eugen Passofaro - a cool name for a Flutist right? ) is among the most sought after on the Platform.

Take advantage of the 14 day Trial and see if it helps you to your next step in this Healing journey!

When it comes to Redesigning your nature from a kind of thought-less passion driven animal to a self-controlled man of power and spirit - including the power of self-healing and self-restoration, and rejuvenation - then meditation is the next most important step - and if you want to try my instruction class Music-101 you will get advanced meditation techniques, my unique breathing and chanting exercises to stimulate your inner hormone levels and more, these are voice instructions and musical training in one - enroll in my class now for a super cool trainging that will change your life from dull to COLORFUL (plus some major healing to go with it - music is the greatest healer besides love)  -  and also give BrainTap a try out while your exploring.  In any event, no matter what you do, try to avoid anyone or anything that tries to take over your senses and dominate your mind.   I hope to see you in one of my Knowledge Classes to discover the path of the Spirit and free yourself from  needless suffering,  Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques I teach - and when combined with my music, you will see results. If practiced everyday, then they accumulate - day and night they multiply and one day you wake up totally free of the past, and the delusions of the old world and the self that was a part of it.
Then you are freed! No man can own you anymore, or claim you.

-Friend Tazo-
Featured Artist on
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