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Say Welcome to Our Philosophers!

Say Welcome to Our Philosophers!

by Friend Tazo -
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Dear Friends,

These Forums are now private and accessible only as a member of our School Philosopher Group - which means you are in a course!

Why the Change?

Previously any new user had access as well as our students, but since the definite and visible Progress our students have made in Spiritual Knowledge, it is now for them a Whole New Level of Development they have achieved through their diligent inward work.

Of course people expect to sleep and find the spirit - that is normal, but then the Spirit pushes you Back into the Physical Sense bound World - and that is where Conscious Spiritual Development serves the New Birthing of the Self within the Soul. As you can see from this, there must form a level change in the individual - and this level change - like a water or sediment level means the Soul either can move around in its inner Realm of Soul but also it has a 'Collective' which it pours into and shares.  That being said, we have made our Forums to Reflect the higher Form of Discussions, Sharing of Techniques, Tools, and Methods, plus descriptions of Soul experiences - all of these are available for those Serious about Advancing their Soul above the Normal trends - the normal being, those who choose to 'float' and 'sleep' even while in the Waking-Life world. This condition of the Soul is certainly not the Way of the Active Mind, the Thoughts of the Students are constantly working to 'Sift-out', to Filter, to Clean, to Clear the Soul to become the Pure Element of Nature. You can only do this Consciously, and our Students are well adapt already at inwardly working on their substances of Soul to generate New Pure Soul.

If you are serious about your Spiritual Advancement, and believe you can Achieve more than the normal man? We have wonderful courses, and forums for you! Become an active student and change from a passive sleepy mind to an active mind and learn the methods we give in our courses here at the Rosenkreutz Spiritual Research Institute. Be a part of the Development and not just a tourist - that won't do anything for your inner nature. If you leave it without working on it, then the fruits of wisdom, those hard earned fruits of all your  previous lives will wither on the tree, and eventually the tree will drop those fruits to the ground. If you understand this, then you are ready to make a meaningful change for your entire Future depends on you to take the next step - the step towards Self Knowledge. The path Spiritual Knowledge is the way to learn about the invisible Realms you Can only see when you Clear your Soul.  That's where it all begins - inside.

To access our advanced Discussions - we now have a Philosophers Group for our Active Students. The Paths of Truth forums are privately available to those who are active students: and can be accessed in three ways - One: have an membership subscription 2 - Be in a Course 3 - Subscribe to the Paths of Truth Course.

You can access the Philosophers Group from the Dashboard after you login.


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