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Only Love She Sings....

Only Love She Sings....

by Friend Tazo -
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Only Love .....can look inside the human heart....

The center of creation, the core where transformation occurs, but who can go there?

The Calling of her voice through the turmoil, and then it is visible - the esoteric Path through the Chambers - the sounds of the breath breathing is the life of Sound we give to nature.

My Course Music-101 is not just a simple music course, it is like going out on the Ocean Waves, and then to mount the Power of our Love inside that our breath ignites w, and excites, then the wave rises - just like Jaws on Maui, it is experienced by the Great Surfers - and those who train find it - the portal of heaven. 

Come and learn the secrets of the Waves of the Breath, the path of the Fire, the Light, the Sound of your yesterday and your tomorrow, and your will to change it all and go back to the one breath. 

 Enroll with this link You will learn to be LOVE in my course on Music and the musical path of soul development . Reach for your highest vibration, set it all in motion in 4 Beautiful Week long Lessons that will change everything in your Soul.  Through learning and doing these powerful - and never before offered to the public Music, Techniques - you willharness the power of your inner nature! You soul will become A Sounding Soul and the nature your nature nature intended you to be - you will then know love and the musical path of transformation.

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Let Her Go....where does she go? No one knows but her.....find out here!

by Friend Tazo -
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Powers of nature are mysterious and nature;s highest creation is woman. What is in the woman that needs her own attention alone and apart?  She is her own secret, and that must suffice. Music opens the channels, and the breath becomes fertile with life. It is the reason for the secret life of sensitive lover artists, poets, musicians.

Time, rhythm, beats, silence, rest, and powerful fire, and air. These are the elements the soul uses to paint the canvas within, and heal with instantaneous magical power - a song is born - a new soul emerges from her invisible womb into life, the new spiritual artist is born.  Words fly out like fire, eyes flash with immortal stats dancing within them as flames. The song is only moments away escaping out on the waves of melody and words so beautiful they hover not falling but embody it with colorful light we emerge for a moment of time breathing in and out from heart to heart and alive in more than one - we are merged into the heart that loves it.

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