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New Course!!!

New Course!!!

by Friend Tazo -
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At last a new Course - The Spiritual Understanding of Heat - Taught by Friend Tazo

In this week we will focus on learning the spiritual science of the Clairvoyant Scientist Dr Steiner's 14 Lectures on Heat. These are of the most difficult in understanding because Dr Steiner differed with the course of Natural Science and place his teaching at odds with the scientists of his day.  This meant there formed a 'crossroads' between Dr Steiner's spiritual science and the science of his time. This dichotomy  has continued into the present time.

  Tazo will show in the 14 lessons of this course, spaced over 7-8 weeks time, the path of reconciling the conflicting paths into a significant and powerful comprehension of not only the true course of Scientific Thought (which is just now arising) and the outstanding Treasures still waiting to be discovered through developing a meaning understanding of Dr Steiner's contributions to science through spiritual science. Students at the end of this course will be convinced of the meaning behind the persistence of Dr Steiner to maintain his spiritual vision which now should be seen as a light towards our New Vision of Tomorrow's World Consciousness.

This course is perfect for Waldorf Teachers, Physicians, Healing Practitioners, and all Students Spiritual Knowledge.

Join Tazo in this 8 week course!


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Rudolf Steiner in the Eyes of Peter Selg

by Friend Tazo -
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If you haven't heard of Rudolf Steiner before, this might be just the thing to 'open your eyes' to a truly great man and for us a towering figure because he laid the foundation for spiritual development for our present time and onward into the future. What do I mean by that? In my over 50 years of working with Rudolf Steiner's work, and also, as anyone can see, the vast library of human knowledge we have here at our school, it is very clear to me the foundation for the soul to ascend into the higher perception fields also means one has the inner ability and the power to achieve it.  Rudolf Steiner had the challenge in his life of 'falling in' with other methods, and techniques, paths and gurus were everywhere. But he created a modern  foundation for spiritual development, and that is one of the systems we use and teach here at the Rosenkreutz School of Spiritual Light, and with great success.   

I hope you got a lot of insights from the video. If you liked this video Please subscribe to this thread, there will be more news about Rudolf Steiner and our Steiner Classes on this thread.

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