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New Features! At Your Favorite School

New Features! At Your Favorite School

by Friend Tazo -
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Dear Friends,

Have you seen the new features at the Rosenkreutz School of Light? Not only are the courses smashingly great, but come visit the site  right now and see the new technical features that are there. In the next email - look out for it - I am going to share with you the secrets of how I made those cool things you see on the school website. The first thing is I want to tell, these features are for training of professional teachers in spirituality. As you must have noticed, the world is going deeper and deeper, in fact it is in a nose dive over the problems that are proliferating everywhere. Why? Well it stands to reason that the materialistic world conception - the one that is most dominant today - just turns good people like you and me upside down. Why? Because the problem that everyone is facing is spiritual and that means it requires a spiritual solution, and materialists insist that everything can be explained through science...and leaves out the spiritual part.  Well, that is good for 100 years ago! But today men have advanced by nature, and it is spiritual nature now that men are required to comprehend - even if other men can't. But for yourself, you can make the break, and begin your change of nature by studying here and learn everything you need about your spiritual bodies that are hidden inside of you, and more or less are asleep - until the time when you have the consciousness to awaken them. Until then, they must slumber, or live a ghost like waking life - which is the root of the evils now happening.

Right now is a great time to plan your year, and I want to invite into the spiritual science foundation classes so that you can learn the most important and advanced spiritual tools and techniques that have ever been created. They are right here in this school.  Come and visit and be prepared to see the new features on display.  There is a surprise pricing on the classes waiting for you there - and more besides!

You can also take advantage of these features and help yourself and others by learning my spiritual science system. This year and into next year there will be additional coaching classes and group studies that I will invite you to participate.
See you online!

Friend Tazo

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