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The Value of Spiritual Kowledge

The Value of Spiritual Kowledge

by Friend Tazo -
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The Value of Spiritual Knowledge

  In my recently published book the Eden Code is described the capacity of a cucumber plant to reach and find its next higher vantage position and attach there. The plant does this  without anything internal that would inform us how the plant accomplishes it without a brain.  Nature has given to us  a marvelous contemplation here for the plant accomplishes its task without the need for an internal brain.

Now, let us ask how does the plant know where to reach? This is explained in our studies of spiritual science as that which comes from the aether body of the plant, which in spiritual science is being developed by the plant kingdom in general. These very special advancements, as in the case of the cucumber, are shared by the activity of the nature beings.   These specially developed aetheric forces can stream through aether bodies of all living beings which have a higher capacity than the brain development offers and serves to stimulate these higher senses when they are present. How far these can work through us as a spiritual sense, depends on our configuration of soul.

Spiritual Knowledge for man is one step up the ladder from physical knowledge and works in the same way too! That means it works without the brain apparatus!  How wonderful right?   But you need to activate your aether body and that is the key to opening up the soul to the higher activity. 

If you look at the cucumber, it also has an elegant spiral form in which it works its higher sense. That indicates a very special process is present. The aether body of a human being also requires a training in spiritual knowledge to  tune with the aetheric streams of subtle intelligent light.  Without Spiritual Knowledge and training, students will open to otherwise chaotic and dark forces. which will cause fear and anxiety in the soul.

Our school has courses of study for learning more about the subtle spiritual bodies of plants, see 021 The Spirituality of Plants, and see the courses 098 and 103 for deep studies of the Nature Spirits. 

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