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The Eden Code

The Eden Code

by Friend Tazo -
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Here is a review - it will be the preface for Eden in the next Edition (ebook).


Part I World Creation and The Silent Music of Nature

Tazo-Eugenio Passofaro uses an array of various mediums and oils and pastel of thought to paint such a beautiful portrait of Humanity and the its relationship with Eden, that you will feel as if you actually walked back into the Garden of Delight filled with trees that bear multiple fruits that never stop growing on a vine that seems to protect and nourish, the entire sacred space both within and outside of time and
space. Is this really possible in a mere book?
You can decide for yourself from this small Extraction from his work: This Tree of Knowledge symbolizes the record of the past nature, as in the rings that form in a tree resulting from the alternating periods of night and day, but also record the life history of the Knowledge of the Life - of Nature, which must therefore include Man.  In the garden, the fruit of this tree was tasted by Eve, against the command of the Lord God. The fruit is to be seen as containing the Seed force of a New Spirit, but would also signal the time of the gradual ending of the form that was already created. Eve thus had to know she was to be an instigating mother of the next life wave, and therefore must have learned this from another creative mother-spirit before her, as this is the power of the mother-spirit in nature.

In the author’s own words Nature, Woman and the Garden are all connected and what one does affects the other components. This is a paradigm of the human experience that takes into account all human endeavors in the arts such as mathematics, and music, sciences, alchemy, philosophy, and theosophy throughout remote periods of time. All brought together to provide a opening into the concepts of the Garden of Eden according to the octave scale found in Pythagorean practices.

This is a book that will open your mind up to things you may know, but had not realized until you read the narrative of human development and its beautiful relationship with Nature, the Macrocosm and Microcosm of this panoramic theatre of life and immortality.

Tazo has such a way with his cumulative bank of knowledge, wisdom and experience that every word takes on multiple meanings in accordance to your own level of awareness, but as you continue to read this work – you will find that your consciousness grows without any effort on your part, after you see the illustrations and enter the world of the Eden Code –suddenly things will become clearer the clouds of dissolution will fade away to be replaced the Cloud of Shekinah.
For example here in this section of the work, we enter the chamber of Harmony and
Frequencies that help to animate and bring to life the various concepts in yet another level of interaction and discovery, for every page is filled with something to eat and drink that leaves you changed and uplifted.

The Eden code of the world. It is the code of the past and the future of the earth and the cosmic world, and is the Harmonies of the Spheres.
  The modern mind, by and large, sees the world through shaded lenses. There are signs of another competitive power of thought and consciousness which cannot yet be assimilated alongside their own personal or even philosophical views. The harmonization of thought with creation however cannot be avoided any longer, for disharmony will only cause destruction, disease and chaos. This was once confined to the material substances, but as the science of men has broken into the realms of living creation, then the harmonies of that creation need to be added to the present science. That is the reason for this work, which is to provide a foundation for building a new science based on the invisible harmonic fields. These are represented in thought fields as those that vibrate at the source, and those that are retained in the subtle thought substances that can be magnetized, or materialized by the mind.  The ideal must be to work towards integration of two fields of consciousness: one that is chemical and the other has the power of a non-vibrational reality, but has a sounding, warmth, and a color relatable field of the soul.

This work is the beginning of a new future for humanity, nature and soul. You will never think of Eden, Music, Harmonies, Spheres or Man and Woman in the same way ever again.

Beware! The work has transformative properties and the potential to change your entire way of looking at your life. You too can begin to replenish your inner vine and produce all the things you need for a happy and successful life, now and later.

Bettina Morello


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