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Can I Ask You A Favor?

Can I Ask You A Favor?

by Friend Tazo -
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Dear Friend,

   I am doing a very special Promotion and I need your help!   Would you do a Video (or Write a Course Review) with your Camera Phone and send it to:  It can be short or long as you prefer.

Video Instructions:

Whats your name? What was your experience working with me? (What was the situation you were in when you came to me? And how did things change for you?) Would you recommend others to work with me? 

Write me if you have Questions Please!

I need your Review ASAP if you can help me. Thank you!!!

It has been so much fun and exciting building this school!  The foundation is here now and an even bigger development which depends on your FEEDBACK, is coming very soon!

Eugen Friend Tazo

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Re: Can I Ask You A Favor?

by Tamara L. Wilson -
Spirit of Nature, 004
There's been many classes that I have listened to. Tazo's ability to lecture on deep philosophical subjects is honestly amazing! I've really learned and healed a lot here. My favorite class so far has to be Spirit of Nature. Why? Because it really brought me back to an inner guidance I once had, and had all but forgotten. I call Her Mother. I am truly grateful to be 'in touch' with Mother again. She is the Spirit of Nature to me.
Thank you Tazo for this especially beautiful series...

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Re: Can I Ask You A Favor?

by Friend Tazo -
Dear Spiritual Path Seeker,  If you're reading this, you're probably seeking a spiritual path, or a teaching that helps you to your goal. No matter what your path or your goal, these Lectures are Stories about every SOUL, and for all seeker of spiritual light and wisdom.  They are full of Wisdom from all different sources combined .  Now is your moment to dig in and drink the Wisdom offered in these Class Readings of the Spirit. You will be so refreshed inside! It will renew your sense of everything around you.

Here are some reviews of Courses (that you may find helpful too)? Write me if you are interested in any of these and LETS GET ON A BOARDING CALL TODAY! Write:

Alchemy and the Cosmic Spirit
This fascinating course is about what can be described as the breathing process between the Cosmos and human beings, and how it goes out of balance from human activities, primarily damage to the realm of sound where the Spirit of the Cosmos is found. Here the "Word" is the creative forming capacity. In our materialistic age the indigestible quality of the sound of machines results in peril for all of us. These sounds lead to apathy (no resistance), dullness (lack of thinking) or complaint (blame). Rejection of knowledge (agnosticism) is rampant today, but the Cosmic Word continues to come to us despite the immoral damage done to the realm of sound. As the personality starts to change or dissolve, the group of beings known collectively as the Cosmic Spirit starts to penetrate into us, to flow into us. Our culture must offer more adequate, artistic opportunities in place of the penalties now given out that result in more brutality. But we must offer change that will bring about spiritual development slowly. These inspirations can only come from the overseer, the Cosmic Spirit. They cannot come from the Spirit in Nature, which only works with consciousness that is created. If this will of the Cosmic Spirit goes out of balance and becomes what is called the shadow, the result is disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. Never a dull moment in this course!

Alchemy of Man
This exciting series describes how human transformation into the spiritual form occurs. Warmth and coldness, light and darkness, the beings that work with each one of us—this is an awesome knowledge.

Aether and the Golden Light
This is a gentle and deeply moving course about that which hinders or helps the development of the aetheric part of the human soul. Proper soul nourishment is the only way we can connect to the Cosmos. Lecture 1 discusses the causes of, and how to overcome, the diseases of the human soul: anger, ferocity, and madness. We have the will to correct past wrongs, so we seek to purify and cultivate our souls. But knowing what is a weed in the soul's garden requires accurate knowledge applied in a timely way. Only when a student strengthens his aetheric body can the teacher take him or her past the silver reflective moon experiences and on to the solar mysteries: the golden light. Highly recommended as the first study, in conjunction with the Rosicrucian Mysteries Revealed book!

Finding a hidden treasure such as these previously unpublished lectures by the premier spiritual teacher of the 20th century is a gift for our 21st century world! These lectures show us the man Dr. Rudolf Steiner, as well as his profound visions for humanity, which were given at the most crucial time in human evolution.


Astral body & Desire nature
This is a vitally important course for each student. In today's world we are faced with constant changes and constant choices, especially as a result of the increase and advancement of machines, and anything of technology. This course describes the spiritual basis for Man's desires, and how we can continue to build (i.e., heal) and strengthen ourselves in a world that seeks to consume us.

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture
This is great introduction to the field of spiritually based agriculture because these four CDs are the English translation from the actual notes from the original German lecture given by the man who developed it, Dr Rudolf Steiner!! Narrated by Rick Mansell. Everyone benefits from listening to this course.

Count of St. Germain/Christian Rosenkreutz
This series of lectures offers the profound spiritual knowledge offered to humanity by a man known only by his title: the count of St. Germain. Who was he, and why did he keep appearing over the centuries—especially as the man known only as Christian Rosenkreutz in Germany in the middle ages? And how is he vitally important to today's world, and our work? Tazo's series makes this fascinating legendary man understandable in a gentle, nonjudgmental and loving way, in a way that gives him the credit he deserves, and that connects him to the Freemasons and to all of the spiritual streams. I love this series!

The Secret Christian Initiation: the Spiritual Ego of Man 19Feb2008 to 23Mar2008
Towards a New Foundation for Comprehending the Ego of Man
Writing this review is a delight because I love this course! I have listened to each of these lectures repeatedly--and each time I hear something in a newly profound way. I recommend this course wholeheartedly and with the greatest enthusiasm. The ego of Man and the spirit realm of the ego have never been described before this course--you will be surprised at what you learn and you won't be disappointed!!

This series of lectures offers the profound spiritual knowledge offered to humanity by those known as Freemasons or Masons that has been faithfully preserved from the original ancient mystery temple sources that became rites, rituals, and symbols of the secretive society. Tazo now makes these fascinating legends understandable—and publicly available—in a gentle, nonjudgmental and loving way, a way that gives them the credit they deserve, and that connects the Freemasons of today to all of the spiritual streams (including those that persecuted them in past ages). I love this series!

Mysteries of the Human Spirit
In order to work in the Cosmos without our physical body we must understand ourselves as pure spirit. Our world is acutally "maya," so we must learn about the masks of the masquerade of our world. In order to do this, we discover our relationship with the sun, that we are part of an intelligently formed Cosmos, and that the human being is something very special in the Cosmos. We can learn to anchor cosmic energies within us and turn the external elemental forces into recognizable thoughts, sound and vision. We will overcome the maya of this world that we see today, and we will feel what it is like to be pure spirit. Thus, the impulse to move on, to not fall back, is vitally important to us. Initiates are always with us in order to help and train human beings in these soul challenges, and avoid becoming self-destructive due to preoccupation with one's own ego. We need to "unmask" our own ego and the god we have within, and to recognize the god within each one we meet. All cultures have stories about finding that which we have lost from within us. We have to battle for our own self-identity in the Spirit, a battle that we have created in order to form ourselves. This lecture series may be the most important of all of Tazo's for you to hear!!

New Karma in the 21st Century
Insights about the earthshaking changes of the fall of 2008: the call/demand to find the pathway to overcome the destructive hold of materialism on all aspects of our world and cultures. How to prepare for the new world that is being created by what we do now. How do we integrate and provide guidance to the different streams of thinking: fatalism of the Arabs, the cause & effect theories that are the basis for scientific materialism such as Darwinism as well as the eastern religions, the multifaceted—even opposing—forces understood by students of the Spirit? How do we understand karma as the transformations that we experience or witness in our world? What are our tasks as the leaders and visionaries, and are we doing what is necessary in order to show the way; are we responding soon enough to the crises of our time? This extensive course is guaranteed to be inspiring, thought provoking, and insightful for each who learns from it!

Secret Teachings, Rosicrucian Mysteries Revealed
This book is like an encyclopedia of esoteric spiritual knowledge. From all ages, from all cultures, Tazo weaves this knowledge together with newly revealed wisdom in a gentle yet very deep and profound way. Open your heart to this book, and you will find yourself in a loving world you never knew existed!
I have had this book for a year now, and I have read it many times. Every time I open it or simply contemplate the images that are included in it, I discover a new way to understand my world, and I make new connections in my understanding of history and the spirit realms (and beings). If you are interested in an unbiased and gentle presentation of Rosicrucian teachings, which are updates and completion of ancient mystery knowledge, this is a must-have book for you!! All who love the Spirit can benefit from Tazo's thoughtful, creative and deep approach.
book: how the Cosmos came into being, and why

Love and Absolution from Sin - Redemption
This course gives you the reasons to change your life!! Sin is about not changing, when you know you should...Tazo asks the question "After your sins are forgiven and you sin again, what happens then--do you become a super-sinner?? and you go to a super-sinner church??" I laughed, and I got the point! Highly recommended course as a gentle and very direct reality check.

Spirit in Nature
Conventional forms of thinking today create forms of "freezing" within us, which we must resist. Freezing results in mineralizing, hardening, and so we need warmth in order to acquire knowledge. This knowledge allows us to work with the world and the soul of the world (the Spirit in Nature) with intelligence rather than our hereditary conditioning. Otherwise we enter into the world in the wrong place. This place is where we have the rhythm, the feel, and the motion within us (like a kid who pulls in the rhythm of a jump rope into his body before he can jump). In this course you'll learn the secrets of the 4 "winds" of the human soul! A must-have study!!

Spiritual History of Man and Nature
This is Tazo's insightful and gentle overview of the arising of the modern age and the vistas of the future. What happened to and with those who were given the visions in the mystery temples during past ages? How do we garner these visions within our souls today? What causes the development of human clairvoyance (the spiritual eye), what are methods that we use in order to build that organ of perception? I enjoy the way this course activates memory and knowledge that stretches all the way back to the beginning of time, which is like a tree, and goes back to the cosmic being of Nature herself, and the architecture of the world itself. Only a man's soul can do these things, and in this course we look at how the soul has transformed itself through the ages. Nature has also transformed through the ages, as something external to the stream of the culture of mankind, and because of how Man is constituted, with much less impact on humans than on the other parts of nature. For example, the river of the soul goes back in time but a river of water does not go back in time in the same way. Another example is language and meaning of words of men that arise in fascinating times and places, and show the arising of spirit in human cultures. How those who understand these puzzles (initiates) realize the importance and find one another, and further the progress of these cultures. You'll love listening to these perspectives on spiritual, religious, and scientific histories!!

Spiritual Relationships
This course can only be described by one word: Wow! Spiritual activities and expressions are somehow put into words. More importantly, I found myself transported into the moods and atmospheres that are being created around us--and for us--every moment. A truly awesome and humbling course.

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