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Dear Friends,
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by Laura Turner -
TO ANYONE READING THIS: LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN & Share #12 of The Spirit in Nature course. This talk is about the current A.I. atmosphere in which we are living, this atmosphere is what Tazo calls the Parasite in the Soul. The parasite(s) is what must be confronted today-- and then either expelled one by one from one's soul entirely--or if that parasite has life that you want to transform into your tool, transformed into what advances your soul or the souls who hear your words as a student of the Spirit.
Although I was there when it was given live in 2008 (and thank God recorded) , I just listened to it a couple of hours ago for the first time since then-- and it summarizes so eloquently and non-judgmentally what each of us is confronting today!

What are parasites of the soul? What Jesus labeled as despair: anything which leads to freezing in the soul, whether it's a lie about what heals, or something irrelevant (and HYPNOTIC) being repeated in the atmosphere, especially most of the "music" or "conversations" (the sound aether) we are subjected to in grocery stores, films, awards shows, as well as most of the visual & digital creations passed off to us as "culture" or any other movement, but especially the "anti-God" expressions of the spiritual war we are in. If someone is a genuine human they can choose a new path, which leaves out the A.I. or clones (if they did it to sheep (Dolly lived 1996-2003, they are attempting and/or succeeding with humans), and this is how we can fight back. "Are you willing and do you want to eliminate the parasite(s) within your soul?" Part of what has spurred me today was yesterday seeing the clip from the video of Mike Wallace's old interview of G. Soros where Mike asked "Do you believe in God?" and Soros answered loudly "NO".

Therefore, listening to #12 today has solved that riddle for me, and I'm sharing it here. All of the assertions I've been hearing (the so-called right or left "politics") are based on this one element: the parasite(s) in the soul, which all humans have. This is btw the fig tree that Jesus cursed, and why. It had to die within Jesus/Jesse (his physical body & blood as a "Jew") and it had to be resurrected, i.e. get new "Life" and no longer survive as a parasite.

This is a WOW moment for me!! I've been wanting for this answer for so long. Thanks!

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by Friend Tazo -
Dear Friend,
There is now this very cool Blog entry feature in Every course!!!! I had to do a little programing study for this! It is really exciting, and I look forward - as anyone - to reading your entries!
As students in a course, you can comment on the lessons and the course for everyone! And the enteries will show up in your Blog Profile and on our Site Home Page!!!
Look at the features below. Please login and do an entry about a course of a lesson!

Thank You

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