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The Light from the Temple

The Light from the Temple

by Friend Tazo -
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The history of the mystics is also the path of self consciousness, and includes an upliftment of the soul into a higher content nature. "Nicodemus, he who came to Jesus in the night" is also the pupil of the great Teacher and questions Jesus about the 'rebirth' teaching. Once a man is no longer 'born' of the mother, and the family, he must be born in a new nature and see new friends. This is to discover the real creator, and the true 'family', and for this one needs 'forgiveness' for the old masters (the old society) wants to hold your soul in bondage. The first success of the Christians was in the forming of the Declaration of Freedom by the Christians in the New World. That is perhaps one of the most significant deeds and a high achievement of humanity, and was a goal for the Christians since the founding of the Christian Teachings by the Teacher. It is in this that we hear the Gospel : "Behold the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, Prepare yourself, prepare your soul, make the path straight and clear!" Of course Theologians Quarrel...why? Because self development is personal , and requires us to self consciously work with the powers of the soul nature. And to rule the nature within, with your self and learn to find guides for your self that know the path of true knowledge

To discover the true nature is not external, it is within, and that means 'to be free' and to 'know the measure' for the the building of the soul as a 'kingdom' requires special knowledge. Those who know the 'work' must work in the atmosphere of love sharing in love the 'measures' needed to attain the health and well being which comes from 'truing the substance' to the goal. The Law becomes a matter of principle, and not one of fear, guilt, and retribution, Love is in the life in the Temple that is in the spirit of love to be built in those souls that see the light and do what is revealed through the light they see. See Rev 11 and John 3:24 I hope this helps anyone understand the present time a little more. I am available as a teacher for anyone that wants to study it.

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