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The Door to Something Special!!

The Door to Something Special!!

by Friend Tazo -
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Dear Friends, Come and SEE the NEW ROSENKREUTZ SCOOL!


Read about and look at all our NEW CLASS OFFERINGS!  My older courses are now LESSONS and AUDIO BOOK CLASSES! And they are easier to browse and see all the over 170 classes, and lessons. We also added the FREE PHILOSOPHICAL THEATER and the FREE LISTENING HALL for you and friends! There are now marketing classes and even a class of watching me write my next book - I am Tazo, thanks for reading and be sure to take advantage of these great offerings!

You are at the DOOR to something SPECIAL!  

"Just as when MEN discovered how to use SCIENCE in a way that made sense in TIME and SPACE, so it is that an EVEN GREATER power is waiting to be used.  When that power is discovered, YOU must learn to harness it and that can only be done through TRAINING in SPIRITUAL SCIENCE. 

This X- GREATER power will be discovered when YOU use SPIRITUAL SCIENCE to make it whole and harmonious in your nature, otherwise it will over power YOU. 

It's not that people haven't discovered it, it is like a 'cat out of the bag, so to speak'.  Many that find it, use it for personal enjoyment, while others learn through SPIRITUAL SCIENCE how to convert it into an even HIGHER DYNAMIC POWER that works in them as a powerful source of VITALITY, CLEAR THOUGHTS, and POWERS of HEALING one's self and others. But is your Spiritual Science is at beginning only? 

Then, the power has a factor of the 'unknown' that is both mysterious, and challenging.  It means more and more inner strength of the SELF-AWARENESS is needed. 

Compare it to a SKIER, and creator of the power the more quickly has to become the mind and reflexes and co-ordination to maintain balance and continue the decent, or it will break apart into a tumble and a mass of tangle limbs .  An understanding that makes ever deeper demands on the consciousness and the SELF is what is required. of our developing the higher nature within YOU.  Those powers are slumbering and latent in the SUBSTANCES of YOUR SOUL.

The path of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is HERE for YOU.   You will learn, in our SPIRITUAL SCIENCE LESSONS how to use your inner SENSES in a way that you can actualize and not just  DREAM about.

Get my SPIRITUAL SCIENCE LESSONS TODAY and heal your soul, 'patch the holes' 'find the leaks' 'get new clothes' etc, do it for YOUR SOUL by opening your SPIRITUAL EYES and use my SPIRITUAL SCIENCE LESSONS to find and awaken your OWN LATENT POWERS to TACKLE the PROBLEMS and FIX THEM FOREVER.

"Knowledge can change your life, your thoughts, and the way you look at everything, but not all knowledge .   Spiritual Science can immediately give you peace, answer your questions about life, people, science, philosophy, religion, and everything yet to be disscovered. The key is to learn how to change scientific knowledge into Spiritual Knowledge - that is not a dreamy thing,, it is a slow and meticulous process. "

" I have worked with the greatest thinkers in many fields, and when it comes to external math, they are truly WIZARDS, but when one uses a simple equation in relationship to the dynamic fields hidden in the human being they FREEZE UP!   This is not peculiar either - they just don't have an understanding of WHERE they moved their soul in order for them to FEEL it....the SOUL is much faster than the material of external space because that is GLUED to the earth, but the SOUL is anti-earthly by nature, and can move very quickly, one can say 'even more so' when it is SUPER CHARGED."

" When one gets SUPER CHARGED, one has to pay attention and assume for a moment it is not just IMAGINATION, it may be something REAL, and then make the proper analysis to discover if it is indeed TRUE. But that is very difficult to do when the soul enters the dynamic field and freezes there!  It is trulu remarkable - astounding even."

"But as the energy fields are becoming more active, so do men have to learn SPIRITUAL SCIENCE in order to protect their natures, and men are reluctant to do they choose to FREEZE! Then they invent some idea it is their PINEAL GLAND that is a way it is, but what would thaw it out? They never ask.  Thoughts are related to inner states of FIRE, and that is quite deep, but it also puts the soul THERE in the substance - then they say they are uncomfortable in their thinking.  Instead of learning they need to put on something warmer (inside) as a sheath for the soul thoughts made them COLD.

What is the Way of the NEW reality for men? It is SPIRITUAL SCIENCE ! It, and only it, can make SPIRITUAL NATURE REAL and CLEAR to you.  Clarity and a grasp of Spiritual Nature is what people need more than anything today. Only Spiritual Science can make it clear and understandable, otherwise one gets frustrated and out of sorts inside! It makes sense right?  You don't need more of the same thoughts, you need My NEW SPIRITUAL SCIENCE TO HELP YOU GET RID of the BRAIN FOG!

 Everything will soon make sense to you and your inner world will be ENJOYABLE again! Trust me! This is not just stuff  'out there', it is SPIRITUAL SCIENCE!  Science (normal science) has now become the new 'out there' . Spiritual Science must fill the GAP where normal SCIENCE can no longer suffice to give you COMFORT and CERTAINTY.

These are the thoughts of the New Person. Don't you want to be among them?  and then men will regain  your WILL POWER and ENERGY! ....or  be filled with warmth and LOVE! " 

Discover Spiritual Science !  CLICK FREE and Select LISTENING-HALL and REGISTER for your FREE account and then you will get FREE access.

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