0200 (MN02) The Mysteries and Secrets of Jesus and Buddha - 9 Lectures various authors including Rudolf Steiner and Rick Mansell

A comparison and spiritual history of the Great Buddha, Jesus, the Holy Family and scripture prophecies and saints of each of the great religions. The holy family of Jesus, Jesus's childhood, and youth. The Gospel records and the Jesus children of the Matthew and Luke Gospels. 

5 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner on Buddha and the Renewal of nature and human spirituality ,secrets of the new realm of the Bodhisattvas and the aetheric Christ and the 2nd Coming in our time. 

Also two additional lectures about the ancient Christian Teachings about the End of Time, and the Salvation of the Earth. And Two significant lectures by Rudolf Steiner from June 1921 (sl696, sl697).

Nine great lectures!