Lectures listed below are between
40 - 60 minutes long.

Lectures listed are from The Rudolf Steiner Research Foundation Library of the Rosenkreuz Institute. Voice, translation, commentary by Rick Mansell.

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The Audio Lectures of Rudolf Steiner Voice/translation of Rick Mansell


Title: Albert Einstein and The Theory of Relativity by Rudolf Steiner

Lecture given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner on 0222724, translated by Rick Mansell

Steiner Speaks of the Theory of Relativity of Einstein

A fascinating lecture amd study of Einstein, and physics. Dr.Steiner reveals much in this lecture about the theory of relativity and the search for the truth and reality of the physical world.


This is a lecture which talks about the incapacities of the powers of men to formulate their thinking so as to include the spiritual worlds in their conceptual life. This resulted in many of the spiritual leaders of humanity to organize, and begin their work to help humanity, and avert a catastrophe which would come in the near future - the 20th century.

Learn about the reason for the spiritual work of the 20-21st centuries in this lecture.  It is a lecture which is a foundation for much of Emil Bocks' work on the 9th Century and the Schism of the Christian Church.


How the World Was Created by cosmic Beings

This one is the top of the list of Lectures by Rudolf Steiner


Voice/Translation - Rick Mansell

The Super Spiritual Sun and Super Spiritual Moon by Rudolf Steiner

A great lecture of the deepest most spiritual content.

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