Lectures listed below are between
40 - 60 minutes long.

Lectures listed are from The Rudolf Steiner Research Foundation Library of the Rosenkreuz Institute. Voice, translation, commentary by Rick Mansell.

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The Audio Lectures of Rudolf Steiner Voice/translation of Rick Mansell

The Druid Mysteries and the Sun and Moon Initiation 69m s

If you have had the chance to listen to any of these lectures, this lecture should give you an even deeper understanding of the Mysteries of the Cosmos and Spiritual Science. Seesl310, sl426

Item Date Lecture Title
The Downfall of the World and Its Resurrection



This lecture speaks about the changes in mankinds spiritual life which have not yet been fully grasped by modern men, and this leads to confusion in the present.  Dr.Steiner traces the beginings of these mis-conceptions with a remarkable clarity and prcision, and from that exploration, one is able to get oneseslf on track in the modern age.

An amazing Lecture from 091722

The three hierarchies : Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubims, etc are related to our senses and our Cosmic Nutrition.  This lecture must be taken in along with SL478, SL479, and also SL310 and this will show the importance is our spiritual development of what is involved in it in so far as it is also related to Cosmic Beings, thoughts, senses, and nutrition.

Lecture Title

Meteorites and Comets and the Earth


In this lecture Dr.Steiner shows the most important connections between Man and the Cosmos. He speaks of how this connection is disturbed by modern natural science, and he gives adequate reasons and techniques to set the soul back within itself.  He tells of the secret and hidden forces of nature which assist mankind in this, and how to stay connected with Earth and Cosmos.  The information in this lecture makes this one of Dr.Steiner's most advanced studies, both for the Spiritual Scientist, right through to the modern seeker after truth and reality.  A truly remarkable lecture.



Item Date Lecture Title
the Mystery of The Moon and the Muses

In this lecture learn about the Spiritual Beings of the Moon, the ancient initiates, Yoga, Breath Work, Egyptian Initiation, the Mummies of ancient Egypt, the Greeks, Homer,  Apollo and the Muses.

Given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, translation, and commentary by Rick Mansell, edited by Dr.Tazo of the Rosenkreuz Institute.

Chemical & Alchemical Cosmic Forces

In this Lecture tells  how to understand the Evolution of Cosmic Substances through an understanding of Carbon, Sodium, Hydrogen, and Phosphorus.