Rudolf's Steiner lectures here describe the Origin of the Cosmos as a Rosicrucian Cosmology. He also uses the Esoteric language of Hindu and Buddhist sages.  

These lectures are unique in that the translator (Rick Mansell) did not convert the phrases from the Sanskrit so they are deeper and richer in meaning.  Our database of words gives you access to another world of concepts and interrelationships of meanings.  You can spend days just researching our database.

These were the 1st appearance of a Rosicrucian system combined with concepts of the Far East in occult literature!  Prepare yourself for a deeply rich and exciting journey into the world Indian Philosophical Esotericism in Combination with the Deep penetrating insights provided by the Structural texture of the Cosmic Clocks of Time as represented in Rosicrucian Cosmology. The Saturn, Sun, and Moon periods, and the creation of the World along with the inner developments of the structuring of the inner soul out of the cosmic substances. Only Rudolf Steiner could bring such conceptions before our beginning opening of spiritual eyes to see.

Even though the lectures are made from sparse notes, but the structure and meaning are clearly visible.  There will be lecture notes and explanatory comments will bring to light many esoteric meanings for our students to ponder the deeper meanings.

The lesson format classes will focus Rudolf Steiner's very early lectures on Rosicrucian Occult Science and Esoteric Buddhism held from 1904-1905.  There are 51 Lectures in this series. With your Study Subscription Learning Plan, you can consult with your teacher the Learning plan that works for you.  Get your Subscription CLICK HERE

An exciting course of great lectures. The Rosenkreutz Institute is the only publisher of these lectures complete (as a series) in the English language. 

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