The Great Teachers of Humanity formed many paths of knowledge and one is the Path of Rosicrucian Christian Spirituality which is above and beyond dogma and doctrine - it is the living breath of the Spirit.  These lectures are gems, and treasures of wisdom and will to unlock the lost secrets of time. 

"Come and listen O students of the present!"  Says the spiritual Angels ! As they sound their voices at the gates and portals! These lectures are their inspired words as teachings for mankind today.  

Love & Redemption from Sin, 12 Lectures by Tazo

Groundbreaking New Studies

Ancient prophecies of the Old Testament speak many hidden secrets which are still unknown today. In this course of 12 lectures Tazo reveals and uncovers these hidden mysteries.  The secrets of Daniel the prophet of the Old Testament tells of a Beast that arises while Daniel dreams. An Angel comes to reveal the meaning and forewarn Daniel of many things to come.  These prophecies of the history of the World are still mystery today. Do these visions mean anything of significance to modern seekers of Truth and Wisdom?  Learn about their meaning for modern mankind in Love and Redemption From Sin by Tazo.

Ever wondered what happened to the Teachers and the Teachings of the Desert InitiatesEver wondered what happened to the Teachers and the Teachings of the Desert Initiates?  Elijah, Moses, Zarathustra, Nazarathos, Apollonius of Tyana, Scythianos, and Terebinthus Buddha?  This is the course to take (also it is suggested to take the Mysteries of the Manicheans).

Includes 12 Lectures, forums, questions and answers.

Study the deepest experience of the ancient and modern mysteries.

Prophets, Legends, and Prophecies

Take this course to learn about the teachings and teachers of ancient times.

Includes 12 Lectures, forums, questions and answers.

This course reveals the secrets of The Book of Revelation, and also Persian, Hebrew, Tibetan and Moslem Legends, and about the prophets and the prophecies. What is a prophet and what does a prophet prophesy? Learn about these in this most amazing course of study.

Participants will receive a free CD set of the 12 lectures too!

The Seven Pillars of Sophia, by Tazo

Includes 12 Lectures, forums, questions and answers.

Jon with the students of the RKI as we explore the realms of the Sophia, Wisdom; "Behold, he who overcomes, I will make a Pillar in my House, and he shall not go out there-from ever again..."

Join students of the RKI in this exciting new online class 

The Community of the Most Loved Master, 12 Lectures by Tazo

Class Includes 12 lectures, forums, online access, free Custom Set of Cds, and more...

"Following upon the teachings of the Amitabha Buddha, the Five Dhyani Buddhas, and Rosicrucian Cosmology, the atmosphere for this series has been formed...."   A.S.

The Zarathustra- Jesus, lecture class. Lectures by Tazo.

This lecture-class will explore the work of the spiritual being known in history as Zarathustra, Initiate of ancient Persia and also the leading figure in the events before and after the Mystery of the Christ incarnation in the realm of the Earth.

What does this individuality have to do with the esoteric teachings of the Earth and most especially of the teachings which is now under the configuration of the spirituality of the East and the West.  And what forces of the spirit are accessible to modern students of the spirit.

A course for advanced students of the spiritual.