Rosicrucian Christian Tradition is Initiation Stream of Christianity, the Teachers, the Disciples, the Initiations are revealed in these Oracle Series of Lectures. 

The True Christianity according to our spiritual research has nearly disappeared from history, and that which has presents itself as 'Christian' has replaced it is a pre-defined, doctrinal and denominational form with a very obscure commonality

Our teachings and study classes are filled with inspiring information that supplies anyone in any denomination, and of every religious, or academic coloring of thought to delve into the free spirit that is the reality of every teacher and his disciples anywhere and everywhere.  

Discussions are free and open for all. 

Students will find in our studies a refreshing views and perspectives that present authentic spiritual source material via direct inspiration.   

In that spirit we invite you to take any one of our courses presented here of Rosicrucian Christianity and Spirituality.     

One will notice this stream of Rosicrucian Spirituality is Spiritually based.  One learns about the teachers and disciples on the paths to truth and of the pure soul being nature we are all seeking to uncover and bring to life within us.   

Modern Studies of the Holy Grail.  Do you want to learn the techniques of spiritual development based on Grail knowledge?

Includes 12 lectures, forums, and questions and answers.

These lectures present a new foundation for this ancient saga. Renew your connection to the original Bible  stories and ancient Celtic legends.

Participants will receive a complimentary set of all 12 lectures!

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The Christian Mysteries Centers

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Please join in this class to learn about the places of the Christian Mystery Centers, the people, the art, and the trials and triumphs of this Spiritual movement in the World.

Includes 12 mandala lectures, forums, and questions and answers.

These lectures are inspirations and meditations on scientific information. Students of the Spirit will be able to follow through the findings of science to see the handwriting and path of nature and being.  As the soul is a means of acquiring knowledge and perception, so understanding substance creation leads the soul to discover the will of the cosmos to create the soul-being nature.