Christianity according to our spiritual research has nearly disappeared and that which has replaced it are pre-defined, doctrinal and various denominational branches of a now very obscure Tree with a more or less commonality with all. 

Our teachings and study classes are filled with inspiring information that supplies anyone in any denomination, and of every religious, or academic coloring of thought to delve into the free spirit that is the reality of every teacher and his disciples anywhere and everywhere.  Students will find in our studies a refreshing look that seeks to present authentic spiritual studies to anyone who would like to know about it.  Our discussion are lively and just as free for everyone to discuss who ever takes the time to engage and share. 

In that spirit we invite you to take any one of our courses presented here on Christianity and Christian Spirituality.     

The Mysteries of Christian Rosenkreutz

12 Lecture Course, Lectures by Tazo

This course explores the spiritual life, tasks, and aims of Christian Rosenkreutz.  The lectures present a broad and deeply penetrating view of this most important figure of human history.  His work at the time of Jesus of Nazareth is the highlight of the lectures. Take part in online discussions and explore secrets of the bible in conjunction with spiritual visions of times and events in pre-historical periods. 

Secrets of the Fairy Tales of Goethe and Novalis

Join Tazo and friends online as you discover the secrets of German Romantic Literature

This lecture-class will explore the fairy tales of Goethe, The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily and the Fairy Tale of Novalis, Heinrich von Ofterdingen, plus we will explore the poetry, quotes and verses of Novalis, A course for advanced students of the spiritual.

Join us in this course of 12 lectures about the Beloved Disciple of Jesus

This course is meant as a companion course to the Spiritual Revelation of Mary Magdalene

Here are inspired lectures deep and rich in content of the most advanced and intimate inspirations regarding the Mysteries of Nature and the Rose. These studies refresh our knowledge in the 21st century of the further advancement of the Rosicrucian Initiation Teachings in the present age. 

This course is filled with fresh knowledge of the secrets of human advancement through the path of nature. It contains instructions and guides the students to unfold latent spiritual organs of perception that once they are opened will shed now light on the greatest questions of soul and the secrets of its nature. 

Includes 12 lectures, forums, and questions and answers.

Modern Studies of the Holy Grail.  Do you want to learn the techniques of spiritual development based on Grail knowledge?

Includes 12 lectures, forums, and questions and answers.

These lectures present a new foundation for this ancient saga. Renew your connection to the original Bible  stories and ancient Celtic legends.

Participants will receive a complimentary set of all 12 lectures!

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The Christian Mysteries Centers

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Please join in this class to learn about the places of the Christian Mystery Centers, the people, the art, and the trials and triumphs of this Spiritual movement in the World.

Includes 12 mandala lectures, forums, and questions and answers.