118 - The Signs of the Times and the Apocalypse

12 lecture Series by Eugene Passofaro. If interested : friendtazo@gmail.com

In this series, the author Eugene Passofaro speaks of the spiritual connections of modern events and how they relate to the Rosicrucian Path of the Spirit

The external events of modern times

These lectures come with definitive notes that link to a database of information.

117 The Emergence of the Self in Time - Meditation on the Count St Germain

Enrollment includes 12 Lectures and Forum with comprehensive smart notes.

These lectures are inspired from contemplation of the exemplary Count St Germain, whose Self was pure and incorruptible.  

 The Self of the human being is also part of a spiritual nature. These two must be present in the soul for the Self to manifest and give direction to the individual destiny. These lectures present in moving pictures the landscape of our spiritual nature and the elements and substances it is composed. This is essential in making progress on the path of Rosicrucian Spiritual development.  Participants will review the riddles of science and math and solve the apparent contradictions of time and space in order to harmonize the soul in its own creative environment.  This is another important course suitable for beginnings and advanced students of the spirit of nature and the esoteric path of the modern Rosicrucian

Enrollment includes 12 Lectures and Forum with comprehensive smart notes.

This Theme series is a real treat!!

You Get These 12 Audio Books plus Class-pak where you get unbelievable word lookups for the key words and access to our Hall of Research where you will follow unique threads of thought and you never know what you will find! 

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The Karma of Sound, the Cosmic Sound Aether
The Arch of the World Soul & the Abyss
The Phenomena of Color & the Fire Force
Building Astral Organs & Harmonizing the Seven Spiritual Bodies
The Nature of the Activated Human Soul
 Preparation to Meet the Cosmic Spirit
Explorations of the Worlds of Soul and Spirit 
Sacrifices of the Soul for Spiritual Development
Occult Secrets of the Ego
Sensing the Cosmic Spirit
Developing the Power of Intuition
The Significance of our Spiritual Birthday 

The Rosenkreutz Artist Culture Cafe! 

The Spiritual Eyes of the Artist Sees and finds the Path to the Spiritual In Nature and the Oracle Speaks as Lover and Beloved! 

Come and join in on the Fun and Exciting Discussions and Express with Us your Poetry, Music, and Thoughts, Rituals and Magical Soul Creations! 

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* Feature Lectures, new songs and poetry. 

* Music that is spiritually inspired Selections

* Elective lesson recommendations for private study.

The Aloha Prophecy of Queen Lili'uakolani is about rel events that happened between October 30th and November 3rd 2021

These four lectures recall real life visionary events, and with eye-witness confirmations and the discovery of their connection to the prophecy of the last Queen of Hawaii - Queen Lili'uakolani.  

We are proud to present these four amazingly sublime talks by Eugene Passofaro