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The Spiritual Science Study Courses of Rudolf Steiner and other Anthroposophists. 

Our Audio Library here is in the thousands, with complete Series in many topics. All of our course audio recordings studies are based on the Mansell translations and are unique to our school. Courses include access to our amazing glossary of terms, people, and definitions. 

Translations and Commentaries on Anthroposophical Spiritual Science
Original Rick Mansell Translations,  Voice, and Commentary 

The streaming audio recordings are the voice, translation, and with commentary by Rick Mansell. Edited and remastered by Eugene Passofaro.  

Eugene has produced many of the lecture series here as a result of many years of editing and research for 12 years with the Rosenkreutz school. 

Modern Spiritual Science: physics, spirituality and natural science are combined in this unique form and philosophical system. It was inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner from Germany in 1904.

What topics are available to study?
Physics, Natural Science, and Spiritual Science, The Arts, Rosicrucian, Holy Grail, European Legends, Alchemy, History, Philosophy, Religion, Faust, Psychology, Nutrition, Health and Hygiene, Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medical Sciences, Homeopathy.

Customized Studies
We can customize your studies to tailor your interests. Choose from the following areas of interest. At anytime students can request a support person or teacher to assist in your topic selections, themes, and direction of study.

Rick was a student of Rosicrucianism and Theosophy from the 1930s. In 1938 he found a library containing manuscripts in German on Anthroposophy and Theosophy.  Rick translated these lectures of the library and even more too, for he sought more of the untranslated manuscripts.  He went as far as Europe and found many treasures of knowledge and translated them. Our school has 1800 audio lecture commentaries, as his entire library was bequeathed to our foundation.    

Walter Stein's The Doctorate Thesis - Theory of Knowledge (ss300-301)

This is an audio translation of Walter Stein's Doctorate Thesis on his theory of (spiritual) knowledge. It is a very deep and penetrating study. Walter Stein was a preeminent pupil of Rudolf Steiner and is well respected as a representative of anthroposophy, and his Doctorate shows it.  It is about three hours in four sections.   There is a forum of questions and comments. It is a great study for anthroposophists and students of Rudolf Steiner.

The Holy Grail - German Contributions to an Understanding of the Holy Grail

In the 1930's some very important discoveries were made regarding the Grail by German researchers, can you pin point what these discoveries were and how the changed history and the interest in the Grail?

This is a compilation of different contributing authors (anthroposophical) on the Theme of the Grail, and was compiled after important discoveries were made regarding the Manicheans.

Ruddy Krott
Otto Rahn
Gunther Wachsmuth

Count St.Germain is the most enigmatic man of history. He counseled kings and princes, pioneered new discoveries, founded states, and spoke of the new world changes. Come and join me and our students as we learn about the only man in history who influenced so many lives from the poorest to the noblest. No man was ever so loved and respected, who spoke 188 languages fluently, and had endless compassion and strength of mind, discipline, and courage, and never used a sword, dagger, poison, or lies to achieve. His mind and his love were pure and his health of being was a true example for all living men. He did not fear death: and he died again and again and returned again to resume his work. As men of previous generations saw his death, they also saw him reappear again in the fullness of life. How? We must ask. Is there a secret of the spirit which perhaps we may seek to have if only we believed in it? Let us explore these questions together and more!

In this course, we will use Extracts of the translation by Rick Mansell from German to English of the Anthroposophical author Irene Tetzlaff.  Her work is the only work on the Count of St.Germain that contains the Rosicrucian-Anthroposophical threads of thought. Students will explore the challenge of this most remarkable individual.

Come join me in this study of the most amazing man in history.

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Eugene Passofaro

Rudolf Steiner in Rosicrucian Cosmology speaks in the language and wisdom of Hindu Vedanta and the Rosicrucian Secrets of Planetary Creations.  Also one finds the deeper teachings of Esoteric Buddhism in these lectures. 

31 Lectures in this series. The translation lectures were made from hand written notes.  A valuable treasure of knowledge you will visit and learn from with each listening.  

MN03 Spiritual Science and Medicine
Lectures by Rudolf Steiner to Medical Doctors 1923-24 (Rick Mansell: voice, translation, commentary)

This is a very special course offering.  Steiner gave 2 series for the doctors, and planned to give a 3rd. We haven't found yet the 3rd, but the good news is we have still a number of Medical lectures to research and edit. So our course will be in two modules pending the discovery of the 3rd.  

In this series there are important articles and updates regarding modern historical research in the various subjects presented. It is also taken into account developments of science and culture from the remnants of the old German Empire. The shadow of this spirit has to be taken into consideration if one is to completely understand the underlying tone in these lectures.

The 1st will come with your enrollment, and your course teacher will write regarding the other modules when they become available.

Rudolf Steiner, in 1923-24 gave three lectures to the doctors in Dornach.  A second series also began on January 1 - 8 which were intended to be deeper and esoteric in content.  

These doctors were interested in learning how to train their inner faculties to perceive the inner nature of their patients. They were also instructed in how to comprehend different healing modalities such as gemstones, palmistry, and handwriting analysis.  

These are a brilliant set of lectures for anyone today to study for they deal with issues which can now be managed and learned by nearly everyone who is willing to give these methods a try. They are all about developing the soul to comprehend the body it is housed in and the nature surrounding it, and the spiritual that interpenetrates it. 

The lecture series comes with helpful notes and summaries for difficult words and concepts.

These lectures will be divided as Steiner made them in three courses. You can enroll in the 1st three lectures as a module and get any of the other modules afterwards by writing the course teacher or the admin. 

Module 1

    • sl127 Secrets of Spiritual Nature Forces and Healing and Medicine 55m

    • Sl128 010124 The Development of Treatments and Remedies and the Spiritual Bodies 60m

    • sl129 010224 Part 1 Poisons and the Activation of Aetheric and Astral Forces 58m

    • Sl129 Part II Evolutionary Processes and Spiritual Healing 48m

    • sl130 LC1 010224 LC1 Comprehending The Living Aspects of Nature 52m

    • Sl131 LC2 010324 The Peculiarities of the Spiritual Bodies 52m

    • sl132 LC3 010424 The Integral & Invisible Human Being 54m

    • sl133 010524 LC4 The Way to Form an Esoteric Knowledge Foundation 54m

    • Sl134 010624 LC5 Experiencing the Life in the Cosmos 49m

    • Sl135 LC6 010724 The Spiritual Forms of Man and Healing and Medicine 52m

    • Sl136 LC7 010824 Healing Arts and Other Medical Therapies

    • Sl136 LC7 010824 Healing Arts and Other Medical Therapies

    • sl137 LC8 010924 Esoteric Knowledge and the Development of the Healing Arts 45m

    • SL138b – A Speech to the Medical Students at the Conclusion of the Christmas Course

0200 (MN02) The Mysteries and Secrets of Jesus and Buddha - 9 Lectures various authors including Rudolf Steiner and Rick Mansell

A comparison and spiritual history of the Great Buddha, Jesus, the Holy Family and scripture prophecies and saints of each of the great religions. The holy family of Jesus, Jesus's childhood, and youth. The Gospel records and the Jesus children of the Matthew and Luke Gospels. 

5 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner on Buddha and the Renewal of nature and human spirituality ,secrets of the new realm of the Bodhisattvas and the aetheric Christ and the 2nd Coming in our time. 

Also two additional lectures about the ancient Christian Teachings about the End of Time, and the Salvation of the Earth. And Two significant lectures by Rudolf Steiner from June 1921 (sl696, sl697).

Nine great lectures!