Rediscover and explore the questions of life. Religion means to 'join' and denotes the making of a connection to the spiritual realms. In these studies we take the students of spirituality to experience the earthly spiritual nature as well as the soul-physical realm. These means to develop higher senses and to become more sensitive as a being of nature.  

Nature and spirituality have sprung from the same source. Recent Intellectual Religions can only further separate mankind from his source in nature. Why? The intellect cannot reflect all that is in nature. The intellect cannot comprehend the deeper emotions and feelings that are stirred by some external stimulus such as art or love. But the soul can develop these to become ever higher senses too. The sense for a spiritual immortality and eternal life are in this line of development. A further example is how sight and hearing work together. We see this in the coordination between hands and sounds as in the development of the musical talents.   They compliment each other as they are unfolded into the skill of the art of musicianship.
 So to the spiritual senses compliment the soul-physical senses when they are sufficiently developed. He has to re-connect his nature with the nature around him.  These are the big question of life on earth. No spiritual realms or worlds exist outside of the nature we see and live. We just cannot see all of it.

Join in any of these lecture courses to learn and follow into the Realms of nature into the realms of the spirit.

 These lecture courses contain answers to the deeper questions about life, death, illness, from the deepest perspectives of the soul and the spirit.
 Here you can find new vistas, viewpoints, opinions, as you explore the depths and the heights looking for answers to the many questions we all have and perhaps have not noticed them. But one day we notice them! 
Then we begin to see the suffering, the hardships,  as well as life's joyful moments and our so-called triumphs. But behind everything, is a purpose. But what is it?

096 The Power of Spiritual Conceptions, 12 Lecture Series

A Lecture Series by Eugene Passofaro

This is a series of inspired lectures. It explains the work of disciples of light concentrating on Buddhistic and Christian disciples of the path of the spirit as found in the early gospels. It is a sensitive and highly magical presentation of human striving towards the higher realms of the spirit. It is highly recommended to take this course along with 090 Aetheric and Astral Substances and Sense Creation

 In this course you will notice a new conception formed for us. We have here in these lectures a new perception of the Christos in the world.  Also of note is the how this spirit works. Notice how this spiritual conception is a spiritual light that illumines and shines into a number of persons, but at the same time as it is filling the soul also acts according to the nature in which it is living.  In this way men can come to feel a beautiful spiritual nature to extend itself by the activities of light bring knowledge, and the living aspects of spiritual-soul- life.

104 Virtues of the Soul II

A beautiful series of contemplations and meditations. Meditations on the non-self, light and thought, Grace, Hope, Flexibility, and lots more. The soul swims through the invisible elements, cleanses, and speaks with angels and nature spirits, as it journeys to discover and open the doors to the nature behind all of the created worlds. These lectures cover the geometry and spiritual science of cosmic creation and spirit being-nature.  Series one 093 is also recommended together or as a follow-up.


From Beginners to Advanced Esoteric Astrology Lessons!

Diagrams, meditative pictures, videos, Q&A forum, explorations and creation

Students will create the lesson modules from themes.  1st Modules is included in enrollment.

Includes life-time access to database and forums. 

This is part of The Zodiac Project

We wish to create a Astrological knowledge database through our collaborative efforts and research.

Lesson Module Format Class

The Manicheans achieved an extremely high level of society over 1000 years.

What happened to them?  The cities they founded were called Utopias and Wonders of the World.Human greed and ambition entered into the hearts of their enemies and they were exterminated from the earth.Today Men complain that conspiracies are afoot, and corruption is everywhere.

Why? The answer is found in our discovering a New Purpose and Meaning through Spirituality.

The purpose of this course is to explore the conditions which will bring about Global Healing for the present and future of Mankind. Everyone is invited - however, this course is a self-development course.

Includes 3 Lectures and elective supplemental lecture studies.