The Great Teachers of Humanity formed many paths of knowledge and one is the Path of Rosicrucian Christian Spirituality which is above and beyond dogma and doctrine - it is the living breath of the Spirit.  These lectures are gems, and treasures of wisdom and will to unlock the lost secrets of time. 

"Come and listen O students of the present!"  Says the spiritual Angels ! As they sound their voices at the gates and portals! These lectures are their inspired words as teachings for mankind today.  

086 Gnostic Christianity - Secret Books of James and John

- 12 Lecture Online Audio Course by Eugene Passofaro

In this 12 lecture series learn about....

Coming after the previous series The Christ Realm of Nature, and Follow Me, the Words of the Master Teacher, Eugene Passofaro takes up the Teachings of Jesus from the Secret Books of James and John to show the world significance of the actual Teachings of Jesus to his Disciples after he had risen from the Dead.  Answers to the deepest riddles of Christianity are explored and given room for New perspectives and New Insights into the universal spirituality of this Teacher from the Ream of the Spirit.

This course opens a completely new perspective on Christianity and the Teachings which can come through direct spiritual experience and reflection of the spiritual worlds.  This series is a breakthrough in the modern age of the light into the soul from the higher realms.  To experience it is also to know it. 

Gnostic Christianity II

Explore the documents and teachings of Gnostic Christianity. Deep revelations, the history, and cosmology! 

The Cosmic Drama, The Sophia of Christ Jesus, the Gospel of Judas, The Secret Gospel of Thomas, and more....

090 The Mystery Births of Jesus and Buddha - Studies of their Esoteric Origins, 12 Lecture Pod-Cast Online Course Series

- 12 Lecture Online Audio Course by Eugene Passofaro

In this 12 lecture series learn about the Esoteric Secrets of Jesus and Buddha and the cultures of and Mystery Schools that brought them to birth and life in Human Civilization. 

The Mystery Wisdom Schools of the ancient world is the only source that explains and holds the keys to any true understanding of these two Men, their families, the fearful reactions of Kings, and Queens, Magistrates, the Caesars, and even to their followers and disciples throughout the ages.  But what is their truth or reality?  What is the meaning their Virgin births, their miracles, their philosophies, and teachings? Is it sober reality or dark and magical and yet to be discovered unknown powers within the human soul?   The answers to these questions and many more,  are waiting for you to discover here in these 12 lectures .  

Also See MN02 For Anthroposophical (clairvoyant research of anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner) Background Studies. 

Explore the mystery of the Virgin Mary in this truly esoteric course of inspirational studies and meditations on the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate conception. 
The foundation of  new understanding of Christianity must also go back and revisit the souls of the ancient past. That is how the revelations of today speak in these unforgettable lectures. They are esoteric studies, but open to anyone who would open their eyes and see into the immortal spirit or hear with ears to hear the spirits of nature, all of them are entwined with the understanding presented in these lectures.
No living being upon the earth is ever outside of this all are one body within her nature. Learn and see as men of the 1st centuries that founded the new impulse of life that continues to permeate all that is known and unknown.  
Enroll in this course and discover a piece of the lost teachings of Christianity. 

These lecture are spiritual research about the nature and being of the Virgin Mary. The inspirations began in the Holy Nights of Christmas 2019-2020. Although the recordings began January 2 2020, the inspirations came directly on December 24th 2019. It was during this period from December 24th that the inspirations first came before the inner eye of the seer and now form the content in the lectures in 2020.