Study the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner with our CLASS-PAK!!!  We take a normal Lecture and convert it into a CLASS-PAK version. With class-pak you can research each phrase automatically in our huge database of information called the Hall of Research. The Hall of Research connects all the information in our 3000 lectures library. The links are automatically generated for you. That makes your research as deep as you want to make it.

We are the only school in the World to offer the following courses:


The Spiritual Science Study Courses of Rudolf Steiner and other Anthroposophists. 

Our Audio Library here is in the thousands, with complete Series in many topics. All of our course audio recordings studies are based on the Mansell translations and are unique to our school. Courses include access to our amazing glossary of terms, people, and definitions. 

Translations and Commentaries on Anthroposophical Spiritual Science
Original Rick Mansell Translations,  Voice, and Commentary 

The streaming audio recordings are the voice, translation, and with commentary by Rick Mansell. Edited and remastered by Eugene Passofaro.  

Eugene has produced many of the lecture series here as a result of many years of editing and research for 12 years with the Rosenkreutz school. 

Modern Spiritual Science: physics, spirituality and natural science are combined in this unique form and philosophical system. It was inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner from Germany in 1904.

What topics are available to study?
Physics, Natural Science, and Spiritual Science, The Arts, Rosicrucian, Holy Grail, European Legends, Alchemy, History, Philosophy, Religion, Faust, Psychology, Nutrition, Health and Hygiene, Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medical Sciences, Homeopathy.

Customized Studies
We can customize your studies to tailor your interests. Choose from the following areas of interest. At anytime students can request a support person or teacher to assist in your topic selections, themes, and direction of study.

Rick was a student of Rosicrucianism and Theosophy from the 1930s. In 1938 he found a library containing manuscripts in German on Anthroposophy and Theosophy.  Rick translated these lectures of the library and even more too, for he sought more of the untranslated manuscripts.  He went as far as Europe and found many treasures of knowledge and translated them. Our school has 1800 audio lecture commentaries, as his entire library was bequeathed to our foundation.    

Science, Spiritual Science, and Anthroposophy

Various authors of anthroposophy and students of Rudolf Steiner

1st Level Enrollment includes 8 Selected Lectures, afterwards enrolled students can make new selections to add to the course.

8 Lectures on the Manichaens by Anthroposophical Authors

Join this Course for an in-depth study of the 9th Century in the light of the Stories, Peoples, and History of the Holy Grail 

Voice translation of the book the 9th C.
by Walter Johannes Stein

Voice/translation/commentary of Rick Mansell

Q&A Forum

Teacher: Eugene Passofaro

Students will listen to the Audio Book by Walter Stein in 20 parts

Includes 20 lectures translations (by Rick Mansell) of the Book by Walter Stein - The 9th Century. Participants will receive a complimentary set of the lectures on CD.

Come and join us for this amazing class on Rosicrucian Alchemy.

Featuring 12 lectures by various German Anthroposophical Researchers specially selected from the Rosenkreuz Translation Library of Rick Mansell and specially selected by Tazo for their content and depth.